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Wesley Apartments is strongly supported by the Westmead Congregation, working with Trish Rooney, the Westmead Mission Worker and part time Chaplain at the Children’s Hospital at Westmead. Their generous hospitality has been shown through involvement in working bees, hosting BBQ’s for the families, providing welcome packs of tea, coffee, biscuits etc for new families upon arrival, and even raising funds to support one family in great crisis.  This hospitality of the Westmead congregation, indeed all three Parramatta Mission congregations, flows from the values of Grace, Inclusion, Dignity, Faith and Hope, and the vision of A Community Transforming Lives.

Wesley Apartments is typical of many activities of Parramatta Mission that traces its history back to the earliest days of people gathering to pray on the banks of the Parramatta River in 1792, and the work of caring for people.  Vision, courage and a passion to transform lives are features of Parramatta Mission.  Wesley Apartments has been an unqualified success in transforming lives, giving people in a difficult situation at a vulnerable time in their life, accommodation for up to six people in 4 star comfort, and thus enabling families focus their attention on supporting their child through an illness.


  welcomepack   patchwork


Welcome Pack for new residents, provided by Westmead Congregation


Patchwork Quilt provided for the children by Carlingford Congregation